Where is your appendix located?

Where is your appendix locatedIt is incredible to see how a three inch long organ called the appendix in human body has actually been a center of controversies for many years. Almost everything about the vermiform (appendix) from its utility to its actual location in the body is embroiled with confusion and controversy. Although this organ has no function in the human body scientist have come to find out that indeed has a function and that is why they don’t recommend its removal.

Where is your appendix located?

Appendix is actually a tubular structure that is thin that has closed ends. Although its exact location has been a point of controversy among many people, extensive research conducted by scientist shows that the appendix is actually located in the right quadrant in the lower side of the abdomen of the human body. This means that if you actually divide your stomach into four equal parts, then the precise location of the appendix is the lower region of the stomach on the right side. Scientists have also come to find out that the appendix actually falls at the point where the ileum (part of the small intestine) meets the cecum of the colon. This point is known as the ileocecal junction. As opposed to common believe by many people, cecum is actually located at the start of the large intestine and not the end. Large intestine actually ends at the beginning of the anus.

The location of the appendix is also approximated be at 2/3 distance from the naval to the anterior superior section of your iliac spine. Although this point may differ from one person to the other due to varying appendix length, it always lies at the peritoneal lining which is located at some point behind the cecum.

Why there is variation in appendix location?

Aside from knowing where is your appendix located, it is also very important to know why there is variation in appendix location in human body. First of all, every person is created uniquely meaning that the placement and alignment of organs may slightly differ in each. Some people may actually have their appendix positioned in the middle of their body while some people may even have it located at the extreme right. When a person suffers from a medical condition known as situs inversus in which a person has some or sometimes even all of his/her organs located on the opposite side, in such case, the appendix location of that particular person would actually be on the left side.

What is the function of the appendix?

Aside from knowing where is your appendix located ,it is very important to know its functions. Actually most people don’t think twice when doing appendectomy or surgery to get rid of appendix. This is because the appendix has no definite function in human body. Furthermore, its removal doesn’t affect the normal functioning of the body. Scientist have found that the only function of the appendix is that it helps the digestive organs and that is why it is usually defined as vestigial organ, meaning that there is no tangible evidence that it actually functions as a fully-fledged organ in the body. In addition the location of the appendix in the body actually makes it susceptible to infections. This is because there is an opening in the middle section where fecal matter can enter thus making it susceptible to infections.